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David has now coached clients in 13 countries, and has personally mentored over 60 coaches."


"David, I am soooo loving the book!!! Because of it my relationship is improving all the time! I feel sorry for the guys who may never read this information."

Luke McDonald


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'Everything You Always Wanted
Him To Know, But Didn't Quite
Know How to Tell Him! '

Dear Ladies,

The title above is what I could have called my latest ebook. Except that it's for men, so I have to give it a title they can relate to. That's why I called it:

'The Truth About Women - what Every Man Must Know (in and out of bed).'

Here's what some very happy women have written me:

"Before I found out about these relationship principles, I had actually started divorce proceedings. Thank goodness I found you in time David! Thank you so much from myself, my son, my partner Steve and I am sure the neighbours (because there are no more arguments)!!"

Akua Prempeh
United Kingdom
aprempeha @

"David, I have to say thank you sooooo MUCH!!!

My husband and I seemed to be worlds apart until I found your ebook. We were in such bad shape I thought there was no where left to go!

We starting reading 'The Truth About Women' together about a week ago and it was as if the light came on! He actually looked at me and said "I GET IT! I understand now what you've been trying to tell me all along!"

We have our good days and our bad days, but the bad one's are becoming far less and when we need to we just reference your ebook to seek coaching!

I know this all sounds so stereotypical but it is the truth. Thank you so much. You have truly saved a family from its own demise. Once your book is published, I expect to see you on OPRAH!"

Tracey Iverson
West Chester PA United States
gtkiverson @

"Your book is fabulous. If someone was thinking about purchasing it I would strongly encourage them and tell them to buy copies for all their friends too! It is written by a man for men and it uses their sort of language -giving them incentive to read it and to do the things it suggests. "

Dr. Theresa Marchant

"Bullseye! You really have made an accurate analysis of how many female minds work. Firstly, after listening to other women speak about the men in their lives I've grasped just how prevalent this mindset is and even more, how little awareness men have of what's going on inside the heads of half of the population. It seems that the vast majority of men stick to doing the exact opposite of what you advocate, believing that this is how to maintain balance and/or control in their primary relationships.

I hear a lot of men complaining these days about how they don't know their place in society anymore now that women have more freedom and independence. Whilst it's important to remember that we are each responsible for the fulfillment of our own aspirations, your method may help men rediscover the power they feel they've lost, but in a different context and with a different prevailing energy which will hopefully bring greater mutual respect and satisfaction to both men and women."

Jessica Maynard
United States

"Buy this for every male friend, sibling, colleague that you know. Their lives will be much happier."

Mary Benson
United States

And since this ebook is especially written for men, let's hear from the guys:

"It's been a truly valuable buy. What price a saved marriage and a better home for two small children to grow up in?

They should teach this stuff to boys in school, it would save 90% of us years of pain and unnecessary heartache and resentment in later life. This ebook's truths are something I often suspected but could never put my finger on or weave into an overall picture. But, you've done it.

After carefully studying this book, I have begun the long journey of winning my estranged wife back. It's not easy finding out what a jackass you've been, harder still to change habits of a lifetime.

The 'Truth About Women' has given me direction and a way out of a hole in my relationship. Many, many, thanks and I'll be buying the follow up when and if we get back into the bedroom together."

Charlie K
Great Britain

"I am soooo loving the ebook!!! Sometimes I have to swallow my ego - ouch! - but the results are there each week and the quality of my relationship keeps improving. Because of you I am growing to appreciate the beautiful complexities a woman has to offer more every day! I feel sorry for the guys who may never read this information, and never get to open themselves up to this higher way. Thank you!"

Luke McDonald
thequaan @

"What a life changing truth! The words jumped off the page at me and echoed my misunderstood life. Felt like I was stumbling in the woods, in darkness and storm, and the flash of your lightning made my personal interactions crystal clear."

Terry Boys
United States

"David, I consider 'The Truth About Women" to be the best ebook I have read for a very long time. The information is so valuable it is way under-priced.

It has opened my eyes to all the areas where I have gone wrong - and while it may sound dramatic, I feel like I have actually been shown the keys to life itself. What a feeling!

You have probably saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life - I was about to give up, when giving up would have been totally the wrong move. It has even inspired me to keep a record of my thoughts, ideas and emotions."

Peter Reynolds
West Midlands United Kingdom
rally37 @


For more of what people are saying about the Truth About Women:

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In a nutshell...

Relationships work beautifully when the man focusses much of his attention on the woman. She's lit up and happy - and this flows through to his life. As I'm sure you well know -

"If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Therefore it's in both of your interests for him to learn how to pay attention, and understand your needs and wants. In fact he wants to know this! However, it's highly likely your partner has not been trained in how to pay attention. The result is too often both of you focus on the man - leaving you frustrated and wanting more. More of what? Attention!

Yes - attention. You should have it, you deserve it, and you'll both have way much more fun as he learns how to provide it.

In fact - he wants you to be happy! He just doesn't always know how. OR - he hasn't yet discovered how to win from giving you attention.

Finally - here is a book....

...that will tell him everything you always wanted him to know, but didn't really know how to tell him. And - as it's written by a man, it's all in language he will completely relate to.

My Iron-Clad Guarantee

On the main book page, you'll read about my 100% money back guarantee. But I want you to know something else about how my guarantee applies to women in particular.

Suppose you buy this ebook, read it yourself and get a lot out of it, but then for some reason when you give it to him he won't read it? I can understand you might be disappointed. Now I'm pretty sure this won't happen - because I have great faith in your ability to have him do something if it's really important to you! However I want you to know my guarantee still applies in the unlikely event he won't read it at all, and that was the main reason you bought it.

If you're not thrilled with what you are both learning, and the results opening up, then just email me at support @ (without the spaces) anytime within six months of purchase, and I'll happily refund your purchase price.

If you would like to read more about the ebook before ordering, just click ALT TAB (hold both keys down together) to return to the original window and read what I say to the guys.

OR - click here to download the ebook now, and you can be reading within minutes. When you're ready, give your partner the first two chapters to read, and then ask if he would be willing to read the rest. (Tip: If you really want him to read it, you and I both know you can find a way to make it happen!)

Best regards,


To your success,

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